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May 2022 Tech Update Newsletter

Can Your Browser Affect Your Privacy?

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Privacy issues abound in today’s connected world. As you browse the Internet, prying eyes are trying to capture information about you, the topics you are interested in, items you are considering purchasing, and even your religious and political leanings. So, if you’re concerned about your privacy – or lack thereof – you may want to ask, “can your browser affect your privacy” and, if it does, what can you do to regain some control.

The Future Of Compliance Management

Excel's Easy to Use LARGE and SMALL Functions

Playing by the rules in the financial sector is always necessary but rarely easy. Above all, professionals know that regulations are constantly updated to match the times and circumstances. Moreover, innovations in the financial sector will drive the future of compliance management. For example, it’s hard to imagine how regulators could apply 19th-century banking laws to cryptocurrency or even credit card transactions.

Data Analytics For A Competitive Edge

Operating your business wisely today includes using data analytics for a competitive edge. By regularly reviewing key performance data points, you can manage your business productively. As a result, you’ll be able to have a better idea about everything from operational strategies to customer acquisition, risk management, and product development.

Adding Apps And Websites To Teams

Microsoft’s Teams communication and collaboration platform has experienced phenomenal growth since its introduction in November 2016. Organizations of all sizes and in all industries now use the tool for various applications, including communication, collaboration, and file storage. However, many users in these organizations fail to take advantage of one of the platform’s most important features – the ability to customize their environment with apps and websites. In this article, you will learn how easy it is to add an app or a website to your instance of Teams.

K2 Enterprises Highlights Web-Based
Learning Options

The K2 Enterprises team is pleased is pleased to offer approximately 200 web-based learning options. Topics include Excel, QuickBooks, business intelligence and Power BI, workflow, security, and many others. You can obtain complete details for each session, including learning objectives and registration information, by clicking the button below.