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July 2022 Tech Update Newsletter

How To Copy And Paste Data From
Excel's Status Bar

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Many Excel users enable calculations in the application’s Status Bar, such as sums, averages, and counts. Of course, you could see those summaries, but, in the past, you could not use them in your Excel spreadsheets. Fortunately, that has changed because Microsoft is now rolling out a new feature to Microsoft 365 subscribers allowing you to copy summarizations from the Status Bar and paste them into your spreadsheets. This tip will teach you how to take advantage of this handy feature.

Four Digital Tools For Business

Excel's Easy to Use LARGE and SMALL Functions

Digital technologies are helping small and midsize businesses grow and thrive. So here are 4 digital tools for business that will help you reach your financial goals. Above all, they’re cheaper to implement than on-site services. In addition, plan for the automation and streamlining of repetitive tasks. As a result, you can increase productivity. 

K2 Enterprises Seeking Associate Instructors

K2 Enterprises is seeking Associate Instructors to create and present Continuing Professional Education sessions to accounting, financial, and other business professionals throughout the United States and Canada. Successful candidates should have strong presentation skills, the ability to develop continuing professional education content, and an interest in applied technologies such as Microsoft Office, security tools, workflows and automation, Cloud computing, PDF documents, among others. Further, candidates with CPA credentials are preferred.

Successful candidates should be comfortable delivering presentations in virtual and in-person environments. Further, strong Microsoft Word and PowerPoint skills are required. These positions are part-time contract positions and could involve travel throughout the United States and Canada.

If you desire to create and present educational content to accounting, financial, and other business professionals, please email, including a copy of your resume. Additionally, submitting a sample of your work would be helpful if you have previously created educational content.

Looking For Customized Learning Options?
Let The K2 Team Bring Courses To You

K2 Enterprises is pleased to offer all our seminar titles and conference sessions as on-site training opportunities for those organizations who prefer the convenience and potential cost-savings associated with this option. Additionally, we can customize on-site courses to your specifications, ensuring that your team reaps the maximum benefit from this venue.

On-site training offers several potential advantages compared to publicly available seminars and conferences. First, these sessions can be modified to meet the particular needs of your team. In some situations, we even develop specialized presentations just to meet the unique needs of a particular company. Second, team members often feel more relaxed and are more willing to ask questions during on-site events. Finally, there can be substantial cost savings associated with on-site/customized options.

Our team of nationally recognized speakers is ready and willing to help your organization realize the full potential of its technology investment. For more information, please call Pam Falconello at 1.888.542.9390 or click the button below to download our Customized Learning Solutions Planning Handbook.

K2 Enterprises Highlights Web-Based
Learning Options

The K2 Enterprises team is pleased is pleased to offer approximately 200 web-based learning options. Topics include Excel, QuickBooks, business intelligence and Power BI, workflow, security, and many others. You can obtain complete details for each session, including learning objectives and registration information, by clicking the button below.